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You have legal responsibilities with regard to accessing your customer's credit reports

FTC Legal Opinion

The FTC's Legal Opinion

The Federal Trade Commission recently issued a legal opinion in response to the National Association of Credit Management's request as to whether a vendor extending commercial credit must obtain written consent from the consumer prior to pulling a consumer credit report for business purposes or for a personal guaranty of business credit. The FTC states in its legal opinion that a vendor must obtain the consumer's consent prior to pulling a consumer credit report, even for a legitimate business purpose.

Civil Suits can be brought

Penalties for Violating FCRA

The private enforcement provisions of the FCRA permit a consumer to bring civil suit for willful noncompliance with the FCRA with no ceiling on punitive damages. The consumer may sue negligent noncompliance, for actual damages sustained. The consumer may also seek to recover the consumer's attorneys' fees. In addition, criminal penalties may also be assessed including fines and imprisonment against any person who knowingly and willfully obtains a consumer report under false pretenses.

Obtain written permission to pull credit reports

Complying with the FCRA

In light of the FTC's opinion, credit professionals should consider obtaining written permission to run a consumer credit report. is your solution

As a lender, you know this and in an effort to comply you have run into obstacles in getting your borrowers authorization form signed. Appointment times are inconvenient, you email the form and the customer doesn't know how to sign it and send it back, or doesn't have access to a fax machine. makes all of these issues go away. From your account you can send an email to your customer. They click a link in the email or enter the provided code on this page and are presented with a form that they can sign online. It even works on mobile devices so that your customer can sign on the go making turn-around time shorter. The electronice signature is submitted and stored securely and you can view and print at any time from your control panel.